Goat cheese

Edna’s Cheeses at Meshek Hefer Abirim

Meshek Hefer (Hefer Farm) Abirim is home to a happy herd of goats. Fresh milk is collected daily by Edna and Eyal, pasteurized and made into a wide variety of healthy and tasty cheeses by Edna. A self-service dairy stand full of delicacies is waiting just for you on Edna and Eyal’s porch at Meshek Hefer Abirim: -Go to the fridge -Choose whatever you like – be it camembert goat cheese, different Circassian cheeses, fresh yogurt or aromatic boutique wine -Put money in the wooden register and take back the change Any time of day, as you please. Sit down to eat under oak trees at our Dear Café or pack a meal to go. You can always go on a horse ride or a couple’s Ranger (off-road golf cart) drive with a packed meal of dairy delicacies from the farm. Bon appétit!!


Cheese and yogurt selection:

Natural yogurt
Sweet yogurt in different flavors
Hard cheeses:………

Ripened cheeses: Provence, Brie, Camembert

French cheeses:………….

Tzfat cheese, cream cheese, Labane/white cheese

Payment based on the trust system.



"We had a blast at Meshek Hefer"
Michal Shiloach


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