Horses Connecting People

Horses Connecting People in Hefer Ranch, Abirim: (groups of 6-20 people) on-going process through several continuous workshops or a one-off session

The workshops are 1.5-3 hours long, they are held in a shaded compound with horses and don’t involve riding.

Participants are given tasks to perform with the horses and we process the experience by observing the behavior and interaction of the horses and participants with each other and separately.

Horses, in their own unique way, can reflect and act according to our inner thoughts and emotions.

They serve as a neutral reflection of us, which could help us learn about ourselves. We could also try to apply what we learned – at the workshop and in our lives.

While processing, we analyze the behavior of the horses, our emotions and the way these reflect on our work/ interpersonal communication/ our inner conversations etc…


Rates for groups- Horses Connecting People:

Wearing closed shoes is a must (spots shoes or similar – No fabric shoes, sandals, Crocs or shoes with heels). Long pants or jeans are recommended. Health restrictions must be made known. 1-2 days of continuous work with the horses, as part of an on-going workshop, is also available. This activity can be combined as part of a broader workshop/seminar or as a separate workshop.


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